Future All Stars Elite Showcase 2022

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Presented by: Quartier Hockey & Team Quebec Prospects

Elite Players ONLY

Dec 22,23,24, 2022
(Finals on the 24th)

No refund or credit as limited spots are available 

Future Stars Rules
- 2 min warm up & 2 x 20 minutes periods running time
- Regular blue line offsides
- Penalties 1 minute
- Penalty, add a player for team on PP (4vs3)
- If game tied, we will have a 6 player penalty shot competition. If still tied 1 player at a time
   Team Points
- Win regulation time 3 points
- Win in Penalty shots 2 points
- Loss in Penalty shots 1 point
- Loss in regulation time 0 points
Tie Breakers
- Most Points
- Head to Head
- Most Regulation wins
- Best Differential
- Most Goals for
- Least goals against 6. Coin Flip

Playoffs ( semi final & Final)
- If tied after regulation, 5 minutes OT. Still tied, we use the same penalty shot rule as in regulation time

For showcase schedule and results please click here