Conditions d'utilisation

Ice Rental Terms and Conditions

1.1 In order for the Ice rental manager at Quartier Hockey to effectively serve customers, all groups are asked to elect no more than one representative to serve as liaison between the Quartier Hockey rental manager and their group. All communications between the group and Quartier Hockey, at all times, be channelled through each group’s representatives.

1.2 All groups/organizations/individuals renting ice at Quartier Hockey shall read and understand this Ice Rental Agreement outlining the conditions of their ice rental prior to renting ice.

1.3 A one hour ice rental is based on fifty (50) minutes of ice time and ten (10) minutes for ice maintenance. Groups causing damage shall have their ice time reduced to accommodate the necessary repair work by maintenance staff.

1.4 All groups/orginizations/individuals renting ice will ensure that no one shall be on the ice during the operation of the ice resurfacing machine and shall remain off the ice until the maintenance staff is off the ice and the doors are closed. Continued infractions will result in group’s/organization’s/individual’s ice contract being suspended for a week for a first infraction, one month for a second infraction and ice cancellation for the balance of the year with no refund.

1.5 Quartier Hockey shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen goods or money, whether from a dressing room or elsewhere in the facility. It is the responsibility of the groups/organizations/individuals to ensure that the dressing room door is locked or supervised while they are on the ice.

1.6 The renting group shall be responsible for all damages caused to the building, grounds, and equipment belonging to Quartier Hockey as a result of malicious damage or acts of vandalism as may have been perpetuated by members of the group before or after the rental period. Any repairs that are required as a result of damages will be invoiced to, and be the responsibility of, the renting group/organisation/individual and must be paid in full. Failure to pay the invoice will result in their ice contract being suspended until paid. Frequent damages by group/organizations/individuals shall result in having their ice contract cancelled without refund.

1.7 To encourage appropriate behavior and activities and to promote a safe and positive environment, it shall be understood that the group/organizations/individuals that rents the ice at Quartier Hockey must take primary responsibility for the behavior and actions of all persons associated with their program or event.

1.8 Depending on circumstances, Quartier Hockey shall require the group/organizations/individuals to engage paid security or take agreed-upon action to ensure appropriate security for the duration of a scheduled event.

1.9 The group/organizations/individuals shall ensure that dressing rooms are vacated within 30 minutes after the end of the rental. The group/organizations/individuals further ensures that the dressing rooms shall be left in a clean condition. Group/organizations/individuals that continue not to vacate or leave the dressing room in a clean condition after their rental period may incur costs accordingly and or the user groups ice contract being suspended as per conditions in 1.6.

1.10 Cellular phone usage and any electronic devices capable of taking photo or video images shall be restricted to either the hallway, front lobby, or outside the facility. They are not to be used in the dressing rooms, washrooms, or shower areas.

1.11 In order to maintain the efficient scheduling of maintenance staff, ice floods and to ensure accurate communication of pad and room assignments to participants, Quartier Hockey requires all group/organizations/individuals to supply ice use schedules and floor requirements prior to the rental period commencing.

1.12 Any schedule changes should be communicated to and needs to be done so with more than 5 days notice prior to the rental date. No credits or refunds will be issued within 5 days of cancellation. Any cancellations made greater than 5 days a credit will apply and a future date will be scheduled that is agreeable to Quartier Hockey’s Schedule and the renter. Absolutely no refunds will be issued.

1.13 Quartier Hockey reserves the right to accept or modify ice flood requests to ensure the achievement of operational efficiencies and pad coordination. Special floods for any reason need to be discussed with Quartier Hockey’s manager in advance to see if the request can be accommodated.

1.14 Quartier Hockey reserves the right to curfew any games or ice rental to maintain the schedule submitted. It is the responsibility of the user groups to inform the Quartier Hockey manager or representative of any special requirements at the times schedules are submitted. Tournament organisers should build in additional time to accommodate any delays during the tournament time block due to unforeseen circumstances.

1.15 Any group that has an outstanding balance of unpaid ice rental fees shall not be allowed any ice time until the account balance is paid in full or other payment arrangements are made with Quartier Hockey.

1.16 Quartier Hockey Inc. reserves the right to cancel any ice time due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

1.17 All ice rental fees are due as specified on the invoice given by Quartier Hockey. Any balance outstanding beyond the 1st day from the dates specified in the invoice shall be assessed a late payment charge, in the amount of 15% per annum or 1.25% per month charged on the first day of default and on the first day of each calendar month that the principal remains unpaid. Any group, after the point of default will have their ice time cancelled until full payment is received. Tournaments and Special Events

1.18 Tournament and Special Events final ice schedules shall be submitted to Quartier Hockey 14 days prior to the tournament. If not, unused ice time will be charged to tournament organizers, unless reallocated by Quartier Hockey.

1.19 The tournament or special events chairperson or designate shall meet with Quartier Hockey’s manager or designate 5 days before the tournament to ensure ice and facility use details are arranged and to ensure that information on needs are known.

1.20 The group/organization/individual agrees to observe, comply with, keep and enforce all applicable laws and regulations and bylaws of Dorval, police and fire departments, and any other of the city, Provincial or Federal, but not limited to, matters effecting sanitation, health, fire prevention, safety, noise and crowd control.